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Quick start

How to use

The installation of the one-stop platform streamx-console has been introduced in detail in the previous chapter. In this chapter, let's see how to quickly deploy and run a job with streamx-console. The official structure and specification) and projects developed with streamx are well supported. Let's use streamx-quickstart to quickly start the journey of streamx-console

streamx-quickstart is a sample program for developing Flink by StreamX. For details, please refer to:

Deploy DataStream tasks

The following example demonstrates how to deploy a DataStream application

Deploy the FlinkSql task

The following example demonstrates how to deploy a FlinkSql application

  • The flink sql used in the project demonstration is as follows
CREATE TABLE user_log (
user_id VARCHAR,
item_id VARCHAR,
category_id VARCHAR,
behavior VARCHAR,
) WITH (
'connector.type' = 'kafka', -- Using the kafka connector
'connector.version' = 'universal', -- kafka version, universal supports versions above 0.11
'connector.topic' = 'user_behavior', -- kafka topic
'connector.startup-mode' = 'earliest-offset', -- Read from start offset
'update-mode' = 'append',
'format.type' = 'json', -- The data source format is json
'format.derive-schema' = 'true' -- Determine json parsing rules from DDL schema

CREATE TABLE pvuv_sink (
) WITH (
'connector.type' = 'jdbc', -- using jdbc connector
'connector.url' = 'jdbc:mysql://test-mysql:3306/test', -- jdbc url
'connector.table' = 'pvuv_sink', -- Table Name
'connector.username' = 'root', -- username
'connector.password' = '123456', --password
'connector.write.flush.max-rows' = '1' -- Default 5000, changed to 1 for demonstration

INSERT INTO pvuv_sink
DATE_FORMAT(ts, 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:00') dt,
COUNT(*) AS pv,
FROM user_log
GROUP BY DATE_FORMAT(ts, 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:00');
  • The maven dependencies are used as follows




  • The data sent by Kafka simulation is as follows

{"user_id": "543462", "item_id":"1715", "category_id": "1464116", "behavior": "pv", "ts":"2021-02-01T01:00:00Z"}
{"user_id": "662867", "item_id":"2244074","category_id":"1575622","behavior": "pv", "ts":"2021-02-01T01:00:00Z"}
{"user_id": "662867", "item_id":"2244074","category_id":"1575622","behavior": "pv", "ts":"2021-02-01T01:00:00Z"}
{"user_id": "662867", "item_id":"2244074","category_id":"1575622","behavior": "learning flink", "ts":"2021-02-01T01:00:00Z"}

Task start process

The task startup flow chart is as follows

streamx-console submit task process

Regarding the concept of the project, Development Mode, savepoint, NoteBook, custom jar management, task release, task recovery, parameter configuration, parameter comparison, multi-version management and more tutorials and documents will be continuously updated. ..