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Docker Quick Tutorial

This tutorial uses the docker-compose method to deploy StreamX via Docker.


Docker 1.13.1+
Docker Compose 1.28.0+

Using docker-compose to Start Server

To start the service with docker-compose, you need to install docker-compose,first, the link is available for Mac, Linux, Windows.

After installing docker-compose, we need to modify some of the configurations to better experience the StreamX service, we need to configure at least 4GB of memory.

Mac:Click Docker Desktop -> Preferences -> Resources -> Memory modified it
Windows Docker Desktop:
Hyper-V mode: Click Docker Desktop -> Settings -> Resources -> Memory modified it
WSL 2 mode: see WSL 2 utility VM for more detail.

After completing the configuration, we can get the source package of StreamX files from the download page and make sure you get the correct version. After downloading the package, you can run the following command.

1.Build via mvn


Note: The Scala version of Flink and the Scala version of StreamX need to be consistent, please choose Scala 2.12 for this build.

2.Execute the Docker Compose build command

cd deploy/docker
docker-compose up -d

3.Login System

Once the service is started, StreamX can be accessed through http://localhost:10000 and also through http://localhost:8081 to access Flink. Accessing the StreamX link will redirect you to the login page, where the default user and password for StreamX are admin and streamx respectively. To learn more about the operation, please refer to the user manual for a quick start.


5.Starting a remote session cluster

Go to StreamX web ui and click Setting->Flink Cluster to create a remote (standalone) mode cluster.

tips: mac computer to get the real ip address of flink, can be through ifconfig.

In the StreamX web ui click Application->Add New to create a remote (standalone) mode submission.