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StreamX ──
make stream processing easier!

Extremely fast stream processing development framework, supported unified batch & streaming and data lake & data warehouse cloud-native bigdata platform, one-stop real-time computing cloud-native platform
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Core Features

Code controllable

High-quality code, the back-end code has passed the Ali code specification inspection, and the front-end code has been strictly inspected by eslint syntax to ensure readability and robustness

Easy to use

The original intention of StreamX is to make stream processing easier, providing a series of shortcut Api and Connector, out of the box, greatly simplifying the development work

Complete docs

From concept to getting started and then to advanced advanced level, each use detail is listed in detail, and a large number of code examples are assisted, so that developers can see at a glance

Robust and stable

Created by experienced players in the big data field, each API and design have been carefully polished, complete test cases, and verified by online projects to ensure stability and reliability

Batch & Streaming

StreamX uses Flink & Spark as the underlying framework to make streaming batch integration easier, connecting and interoperating, crossing barriers, and creating more possibilities

One-stop solution

StreamX integrates project compilation, release, parameter configuration, task monitoring, online IDE and many other functions in one, and it is a one-stop comprehensive data platform

Development Framework

Development Application

Quickly developing app using streamx-core Api

Debug Application

Start the app with config and quickly debug the code

Deployment Application

Deployment app to streamx-console, management easier

Our Honor

We have received some precious honors, which belong to everyone who contributes to StreamX, Thanks