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StreamX ──
make stream processing easier!

Extremely fast stream processing development framework, supported unified batch & streaming and data lake & data warehouse cloud-native bigdata platform, one-stop real-time computing cloud-native platform
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Core Features

Code controllable

High-quality code. Fro readability and robustness backend code uses Ali code check style and frontend code is strictly checked with eslint

Easy to use

Out-of-the-box APIs and connectors

Complete docs

From concept to quickstart and advanced, each step is explained in detail with code samples.

Robust and stable

Created by big data experts. Well-designed API. Complete test cases. Verified by production project.

Batch & Streaming

StreamX base on Apache Flink and Apache Spark and implements a layer of abstraction, make stream and batch processing in a single engine.

One-stop solution

StreamX integrates project compile, release, parameter configuration, task monitoring, online IDE and many other features.

Development Framework


Quickly developing app using streamx-core Api


Start the app with config and quickly debug the code


Use streamx-console to deploy app

Our Honor

We have received some precious honors, which belong to everyone who contributes to StreamX, Thanks